dan kavanagh

It’s time to shred!

We are very excited to announce that Wakedock’s launch day will be Saturday, 9th March.

Bookings will be accepted online, over the phone at 01-6643883 and in person at the Wakedock reception in the Grand Canal Dock.

Check out our schedule of activities or make a booking.

If you would like to purchase a session saver** instead of making a booking for a specific session, please call us on 01-6643883 and we will help you with that.

Session Savers**

5 Sessions €137.50 €27.50 per session
10 Sessions €250 €25 per session
25 Sessions €562.50 €22.50 per session
50 Sessions €1000 €20 per session
100 Sessions €1750 €17.50 per session

**Session savers are non-transferrable.