What a weekend! Thank you so much to everyone who made the 2015 Waterways Ireland National Cable Wakeboarding Championships such a fun event. Thanks to all the sponsors, spectators and Federation officials. A special shoutout to Max Gerth the chief judge who made sure everything ran smoothly. And most of all thank you to all the riders who went out there and absolutely killed it!


Open Men:

  1. David O’Caoimh
  2. Robin Coates
  3. John Tully
  4. Darren Allanson
  5. David Coates

Open Ladies:

  1. Nicole Carroll
  2. Aisling Deegan
  3. Veronika Martinakova
  4. Christina Connolly
  5. Jacinta Connolly
  6. Ruta Buracaite

Veterans Men:

  1. Ronan Long
  2. Conor Heelan

Masters Men:

  1. Jonathan Crawford
  2. Colin Harris
  3. Carl Jordan

Masters Ladies:

  1. Nina Harris
  2. Nicolette Spelic
  3. Fionnuala Duffin
  4. Samantha Crawford

Junior Men (under 20s)

  1. Brian Kavanagh
  2. Philip McQuiggan

Mini Boys (under 12s)

  1. Michael Collins
  2. Alex Rice
  3. Shea O’Rourke
  4. Sam Collins

Novice Men:

  1. Conor Keane Kennedy
  2. Carl Fitzpatrick
  3. Paul Harte
  4. Michael Clarke
  5. Kris Goodbody

Novice Ladies:

  1. Natalie Burns