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Ride Pass (Peak Time)

15 minute wakeboard set How does a ride pass work?

€30 (no kit included)

€2 Wetsuit

€3 Wakeboard

All prices per person.

Ride Pass (Off Peak Time)

15 minute wakeboard set during off peak hours (please refer to the schedule of activities for off-peak and peak hours). How does a ride pass work?

€25 (no kit included)

€2 Wetsuit

€3 Wakeboard

Student & Youth Deal:

Off-peak Ride Pass for students: €25; free equipment rental.  Proof of age and if applicable, valid student card required, no further reduction if equipment is not rented

Off-Peak Ride Pass for under 18s: €15; equipment rental: €3 per wakeboard, €2 per wetsuit

All prices per 15 minute set.


Session Savers**

5 Sessions €137.50 €27.50 per session
10 Sessions €250 €25 per session
25 Sessions €562.50 €22.50 per session
50 Sessions €1000 €20 per session
100 Sessions €1750 €17.50 per session

** Session savers are non-transferrable.



How does a ride pass "session" on the cable work?
When you are booking in for a session, whether it is peak or off-peak, the maximum number of people that will be booked in together is four. This could be you and three friends, or if you are just booking yourself in, there could be three other people in the same slot as you.

During the hour, every rider will get 15 minutes ride time on the cable. When the rider falls off, the operator stops the System and drives the handle back to them, so there is no need to swim to the quayside or to the starting platform which means the rider gets maximum ride time.

Lunchtime sessions are a bit different, because a maximum of two people can book in for a 30 minutes slot. We do this to accommodate those who want to pop down during their lunchbreak. The individual ride time is the same as in the regular peak/off-peak sessions, 15 minutes per rider.

How does the session saver discount work?
If you know you want to ride the cable regularly, it might be worthwhile to purchase a session saver. You can do so in our online booking system, once you have signed up or you can call us on 01-6643883 and we can do it for you.

Your user account in the booking system will be charged with the credit you purchase, so for example if you purchase a 5 session saver you pay €137.50 and your account will be credited with €150. Every time you book in for a session, the amount will be deducted from your account.