Cable Wake Park

Unfortunately the park will be closed for the 2022 season

Experience the thrill of wakeboarding in Dublin City Centre

Wakedock is a cable wake park where anyone can go wakeboarding without the use of boat. Essentially, the wakeboard cable replaces the boat and pulls the rider along a course. We have a number of awesome obstacles for beginner and advanced riders alike to pull off their favourite tricks or learn new ones. 

Wakeboarding for everyone

For beginners and riders of all ages and all experience levels, Wakedock is for everyone. If its your first time we will get you up riding along on your first session. Just bring a swimsuit and towel, we will provide the rest. If you've been wakeboarding before, we have lots of fun obstacles for you to try. Can you show us your best trick off the kicker?

Wake Park Features

2.0 Cable System

Because there is only one person on the cable, it means that if they fall, the operator can drive the handle back to them and they can get up again right there. There is no need to swim to the quayside or back to the start platform. That means the rider gets maximum ride time on the cable!

5 Obstacles

Our wake park includes Small Kicker, Big Kicker, Box Slider, Box with Rail, and A-Frame. A complete mix of beginner friendly and advanced obstacles for regular and goofy riders.

Picnic Area

We have a picnic area for everyone to hangout before and after a session. Friends or family can also grab a coffee in our shop while watching you pull off your latest tricks on the cable.

City Centre Location

Wakedock is located in Grand Canal Dock in the heart of the Dublin docklands only 20 minutes walk from Trinity College. There is limited free parking available. We have a Dublin bike stop outside and we're also very close to the Dart at Grand Canal Dock.

Reviews: What other wakeboarders are saying about Wakedock...

Great bunch of lads altogether. Really friendly and helpful, and great coaches as well. Easy to book online, and well worth the time!

Eoin Mulhall

Such great fun! the staff is super friendly and the chance to wakeboard in the heart of Dublin is priceless!

Alex Vsd

Amazing experience altogether, it was my first time doing this type of thing but the instructors were very helpful and enthuastic.

Dylan Rogers