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Wakedock Grassroots Tour Stop: 25th June 2016, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin

We are stoked to be again hosting a stop of the Industry Wake Parks Grassroots Tour this year!

On Saturday, 25th June, we will welcome riders from Ireland and the UK to our park in the Grand Canal Dock.

inducstry wake parks

The event will be run in association with Industry Wake Parks. Industry run some epic wake events like Wakestock and the Red Bull Harbour Reach and we’re looking forward to having them over for Wakedock’s first competition.

Industry Wake Parks have put together some nice information about the format and divisions of the tour (all info can also be found on

Format of the tour:

Each Grass Roots event is held over a full day and kicks off at about 9 or 10am. Until mid afternoon it is free riding on the Sesitec cables with a few pro demos mixed in and pro coaching on hand to help improve rider’s skills. All the people who enter are encouraged to ride as much as possible all morning. Once mid afternoon comes all the riders get split into various divisions and the comp starts. In the comp each rider gets 3 passes with unlimited falls to impress the judges. The divisions are aimed at the first timer to the seasoned pro.

There are loads of prizes to hand out and there is an official prize giving after each competition finishes.

Here is a break down of the divisions:

Men’s Rookies

– This division is aimed for riders who have just started out in the sport
– If you learned to ride last week then you could enter the Rookies division this week!
– Any tricks up to and including 360’s are allowed in this division
– If you can spin 540’s along an obstacle or off a kicker then we’ll see you later, you’re in Intermediates!
– If you can back lip or front board the obstacles then you too are off to the Intermediates
– Definitely no air tricks, that’s cheating at this level!

Men’s Intermediate

– Love wakeboarding, ride loads, but you’re not a pro? Then this division is for you.
– Tricks that are welcome in this division include: – Air tricks up to and including backrolls, raleys and roll to reverts
– Frontside 540’s and basic inverts like Tantrums, Scarecrows, Roll to Reverts off the kicker
– Obstacle tricks like ollie 270 onto a rail, ollie on backside lipslide, tail presses, nose presses etc

Men’s Open

– If you’re sponsored then you’re in this division
– If you want to be sponsored then you need to be in this division!
– If you’ve won intermediate events before then you too are in Open Mens, so step up your game!


– If your over 40 then this is for you!
– All standards are welcome from just learning your first surface 180 or smashing the obstacles

Ladies Rookies

– This is for the ladies who have just started out in the sport
– Any tricks allowed up to but not including 360’s
– If you can spin 360’s along rails or on kickers then we’ll see you later, you moving up to open

Ladies Open

– This is for the ladies who love to ride
– If you can backside lipslide or front board the rails then you need to be here
– If you can spin 360’s on the obstacles or kickers then you are no longer a rookie either
– If you can do air tricks then, hell you could be winning this one!

Juniors Rookies

– 16 or under and just started out in this sport, then this is for you.
– Super fun and friendly division.
– If you only learnt to ride this year, you’re a rookie!

Juniors Intermediates

– If you’ve not been riding long but are progressing fast with a few tricks under your belt then you should be stepping up from Rookies
– It may be that you have started out the Grassroots Tour as a Rookie but are racking up the new tricks, then move on up to Intermediates

NB – Moving from Juniors Rookie to Juniors Intermediate is the only division change allowed after your first contest in the GRT season

Juniors Open

– 16 or under and you are ripping on your wakeboard then this is for you.
– Been riding regularly for a few years then step up, this one is for you.


– No bindings? Get yourself in this division
– If we get enough entries on the day then we split this into rookies and open


Registration fee for all categories is €40, it is not necessary to be a member of the Irish Waterski and Wakeboard Federation to participate in this competition. Session Savers cannot be used for this event.

To register please get in touch with us via email to or call us on 01-6643883.

Spaces are limited, so if you want to ride that day, let us know as soon as possible.

Equipment Rental

Don’t have your own board/wetsuit? Not to worry. You can use our rental equipment free of charge for the event.